17 April, 2014

About Us

Builders and Homeowners, call us for your buildings plans and drawings at MATE’S RATES. No one will beat us on PRICE!
Available: tenants looking for house/flat to rent in Salford
Urgent: We’ve got a buyer actively looking for a 2/3 bedroom house/flat in the Greater Manchester area
Urgent: we’ve got a buyer looking for 3bedroom house in Salford
Buyers await in Greater Manchester; Sellers get in touch to get your properties viewed! We’ll match YOUR FEES!
Coming this summer: Holiday Rental in FRANCE!!

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Carole Burgess

    I have known Selorm Klu the founder and director of Elom Property Solutions Ltd since September 2010. He has shown himself to be trustworthy and I have seen his commitment and dedication demonstrated throughout the whole time I have known him through his various voluntary activities in both the local community and the church which we both attend.
    But apart from knowing him personally he has also worked with us on an extension to our property. With his skills and his expertise he was able to transform and enhance our initial ideas into a computer generated image, both in 2D and 3D. This enabled us to visualise and analyse our initial thoughts and make the necessary changes with his help before the builder came in. This helped the project run more smoothly as well as saved time and cost since major decisions were made before the project started. Selorm more than demonstrated both his professional skills and innovative ideas throughout the time he worked with us.
    We are currently up-dating a flat which we are planning to rent out and because of both our personal and professional knowledge of Selorm we will have no hesitation in asking him to manage the property when it is ready to be let.

    Mrs Carole Burgess
    Retired University Professor

  2. Frederick Aidam

    Elom Property Solutions Ltd have been extremely helpful with expert advise and drawings for my building project. I have had indepth conversation with Selorm (director-Elom Property Solutions Ltd) on investing in real estate in Ghana, and I must say he has fantastic insight and technical knowledge and really looking forward to take advantage of services to be provided by Elom Property Solutions.

  3. Rev. Rosemary Nunn

    I have known Selorm Klu, founder and director of Elom Property Solutions Ltd., for a couple of years, and have been privileged to be his tutor as he undergoes the fairly rigorous training required to become a Local (Lay) Preacher in the Methodist Church. Selorm is a man of integrity, so I feel confident that the very positive qualities which I have observed in him in this developing role would also be evident in his business life.

    Selorm has faced a considerable amount of academic and practical work, and has tackled it all with enthusiasm, imagination, determination and good humour, demonstrating remarkable ability in meeting deadlines even when time has been short. Rather than being defeated by anything outside his current experience, he appears s to relish challenges and new opportunities. I have been impressed by his can-do attitude and by the way he sticks with a problem until he finds an appropriate solution.

    I wish Selorm well with his business, and believe that future clients will be more than satisfied with his attitude, his manner, his level of commitment, and his undoubted abilities.

    Rev. Rosemary Nunn BSc Econ(Wales), BA(Manch) (Methodist Minister)


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