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Available: tenants looking for house/flat to rent in Salford
Urgent: We’ve got a buyer actively looking for a 2/3 bedroom house/flat in the Greater Manchester area
Urgent: we’ve got a buyer looking for 3bedroom house in Salford
Buyers await in Greater Manchester; Sellers get in touch to get your properties viewed! We’ll match YOUR FEES!
Coming this summer: Holiday Rental in FRANCE!!


It is common knowledge that the profession of real estate has¬† experienced a negative outlook since the beginning of the economic downturn. The sector however still remains a major driving force behind the growth and recovery of any econonmy in the world. A new approach to doing things is therefore needed in order to change the apparent negative perception of real estate professionals. That’s why ELOM Property Solutions Ltd – a startup company – has been created


  • ¬†Transparency is our middle name
  • More client involvement – we will tailor our services to suit you
  • Multi-disciplinary considerations – our experience across different areas within the property industry can only be to our clients’ benefits
  • R&D – the sky will be the limit for improvement for our services. We will always be looking for new ways of improving on our services